Friday, August 29, 2014

Exploring Cox Creek

Great Blue Heron fishing Cox Creek

The stated reason for my early morning trip today to Albany was to pick up toys from niece Kristy Johnson to use to entertain grandson Bobby Turino arriving today on AMTRAK.  However, I was able to incorporate a little birding time on the way.  My friend John West had earlier this week posted a photo of a creek side trail under Pacific Blvd where it flows into Waverly Lake.  It reminded me that I had wanted to explore another trail, the Cox Creek Trail that runs from Waverly Lake to Talking Waters Gardens.  I love finding and exploring places like this trail, local places that are close by, but in general unknown and little used. Leave the birding trips to exotic destinations to others.  Same goes for most refuges and trips to reported sightings of strange and unusual species.  I’ll take the quiet ignored spots, and be surprised and treasure each species I find. Cox Creek Trail is such a place, totally unsigned, and perhaps only a half a mile in length.  To find this trail park at Waverly Lake Park off of Pacific Blvd, find your way to the northwest to a painted crossway across Salem Ave., and take the concrete walkway on the right that will take you alongside of Cox Creek to Talking Waters Gardens.

 Green Heron unexpected 40ft up in a tree


  1. Jim, I agree that one does not have to chase off to far-flung locations to enjoy birding, looking for peculiar birds. Local obscure backwaters provide enough enjoyment and excitement for me. Lee

  2. Love how you can turn a simple errand into an adventure and share it in an entertaining narrative!