Saturday, June 21, 2014

Backyard Birds

I was delighted to have this pair of House Finches show up at my backyard feeder this morning. I had every intention of taking a morning bird walk through Salemtowne and check out the pond on the ninth hole of the golf course.  But as I was in the kitchen getting my morning coffee, a Cooper’s Hawk making a quick stop on our backyard fence caught my attention. As I gathered up my binoculars and camera I began to notice more bird activity, the normal House Sparrows were at the feeder, an Anna’s Hummingbird stopped for a sip of juice, some Goldfinches appeared at the thistle seed feeder. Hmmm, maybe I should make up a bird list while I eat my breakfast. A Scrub Jay flew in, a juvenile Spotted Towhee worked the ground, a Mourning Dove glided in to look for left overs. Before I knew it I had thirteen birds tallied. And I couldn’t resist taking this lower photo a Song Sparrow in the hydrangea flowers.

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