Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Right On Time!

April is considered the month that birds start nesting, and today April 1st, we had two prospective renters show up right on time.  I was having lunch when I noticed a pair of Black-capped Chickadees show up in our back yard, and just as I hoped, one went and inspected one of our bird houses.  I ran and got my camera and was lucky enough to get a photo.  I sat back down to proceed to finish my lunch and suddenly a pair of Tree Swallows swooped though.  After several passed they too inspected the bird house, and I got a second photo. I've had two houses up for a couple of weeks now, and have had interest from the House Sparrows, but the entrance hole by design is too small to allow them to enter.  It's going to be an interesting time seeing who, if anyone, moves in first.


  1. What fun to have a house where you can eat and watch. I hope one or the other moves in ….

  2. Great entertainment & photos. I am looking forward to finding out which tenants choose the house!