Monday, January 23, 2012

The Long Way Home

If you have been keeping track of our where-abouts, and you know your geography, you will know that the Sea Lion Caves are way north of our turn off to Elkton! But, that is where we were this morning at the Sea Lion Caves looking out over the ocean.  Actually today’s post should probably be titled “Good Fortune” or something similar, so let me explain.  Leaving Bullards Beach on Sunday morning we thought we were headed home to Elkton, but after stopping in Coos Bay for groceries, we realized we didn’t have to go home, and could spend some more time going up the coast on Sunday, the one sunny day in the forecast.  It instantly made real good sense, because for one I was tired of driving in the hard winds of Sunday, secondly it would allow us to stop at Cape Perpetua the following day and check out our volunteer whale watching site we would be manning in March. Plus we could swing through Dallas and attend an update on my mom’s care, and get in a visit with daughter Lisa and grandsons Will, Luke, & Jake. Two minutes after making the decision we pulled into the Mill Casino RV Park.  Now here is when the “Good Fortune” began to really become apparent. Not only could we relax and not continue driving, we found out that Elkton was without electricity!  So as I sat in my warm motor home watching the wind whip the waves across Coos Bay, sipping a glass or two of wine, watching the football games, I did consider myself most fortunate. And today as we continued up the coast in the bright sunshine stopping at the Sea Lion Caves, Cape Perpetua, and many other stops, we continued to consider ourselves most fortunate.  We are camped tonight at South Beach State Park and will continue on to Dallas tomorrow.   

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