Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bandon Marsh

Yesterday as we worked our way up the coast I got in several stops for birding besides the Garrison Lake stop as previously posted.  In Coos Bay I got to count a few birds in the Coalbank Slough while Jeanette did some shopping at Fred Meyer, and later at the Mill Casino RV Park we walked along the bank and counted some more.  But the most impressive stop was one we made earlier in the afternoon at the Ni-les’tun Unit of the Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. We got to see a number of expected birds there, but just at the end as I looked a little closer at what looked like just a stub in the marsh grass, I discovered a Wilson’s Snipe, a first for my Life List.  For more photos and information on the Ni-les'tun Unit, check out the Trip Journal for the first stop we made here in October.

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  1. So you expect me to believe you have been on a snipe hunt?


    Little bro