Friday, December 2, 2011

Sunset at Black Butte Lake

I took this photo tonight thru the window of our Winnebago in our campsite at Buckhorn Campground at Black Butte Lake. We are set up in campsite #8, the same campsite we were in last year, click here to see that post. We plan on staying here as long as the good weather holds.  Last year we fled from here to escape a rain storm.  We have thought of this campground all year, yearning to return, at last we have, and we are looking forward to many days here with great birding.  Of the 90 sites here, only one other one seems to be occupied.


  1. Very pretty indeed! I hope the wind did not hit you two today...

  2. The wind has been pretty annoying were at the campground, but it looks to be less today.