Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heading North

I normally limit myself to one blog a day, but there is so much going on with my brother Mark and his wife Holly on their epic journey of the Pacific Crest Trail that I have to post again today.   After spending last night in Klamath Falls I took them up to catch the PCT near Fish Lake. They are shown here in the morning sun starting their next section which will take them 50 miles north to Crater Lake in the next three days. At Crater Lake they will receive their support package of food that Jeanette sent ahead several days ago.  From Crater Lake they will continue North to their next take out point at Elk Lake where they will get off the trail for a few days at home in Bend. Will they get back on the trail??? Mark is now hoping to get as far as the Columbia Gorge this season.  Their original goal of the Canadian border will probably have to wait for another year, hopefully one with less snow.   

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