Tuesday, August 30, 2011

California Finished!

With this section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Castle Crags State Park, my bother Mark and his wife Holly have finished up the PCT in California.  With all the extra snow this season they have been forced to “flip-flop” on the trail and do sections of the trail out of order.  Earlier in the trip they had gotten off the trail in Southern California and came up to Oregon and hiked south from Lake of the Woods to Etna Pass, then got a ride to Dunsmuir bypassing the Russian Wilderness and the Trinity’s,  and then hiked south to Burney Falls.  After several more “flip-flops”, which I will not attempt to remember or explain, this section from Etna Pass to Castle Crags was the last of the PTC in California to finish. This leaves them with a sense of accomplishment, having hiked 1,700 miles since leaving the Mexican border in April. You can follow them on thier blog on Post Holer.

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