Monday, May 9, 2011

Red-Eared Slider Update

Last week on May 1st, I posted a blog on some turtles enjoying the sun at Delta Ponds in Eugene.  I mistakenly assumed they were Western Pond Turtles until my sister-in-law Patty commented and asked if they were natives.  This caused me to take a closer look and I was surprised to discover that they were non-native Red-eared Sliders.  Now, many of you who follow closely already know all this, but here is the next chapter---- this morning I talked to some people at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife District Office where we volunteer and I learn ironically enough that this week ODFW will start trapping turtles at Delta Ponds, removing the non-native Red-Eared Siders, and tagging the native Western Pond Turtles.


  1. I saw a segment on non-native turtles recently on Oregon Field Guide...interesting. Good eyes, Patty!

  2. Let's all cheer for the Western Pond Turtles & Thanks to Jim & Jeanette for all your volunteer work!

  3. This is still another great photo no matter which turtle. Love your work Jim. I think you need to make a line of Jim Scott nature photo cards :)