Friday, May 27, 2011

Packing Dilemma

We are home in Elkton for a few day packing up for our next volunteer experience, which is at Denman Wildlife Management Area near Medford.  Denman has over 1,700 acres that includes wetlands, streams, and ponds making it an ideal birding opportunity, and it’s right on the Rogue River so there will be trout fishing opportunities.  So besides binoculars and birds books, I will need to pack fishing gear, rods, reels, flies, leaders and waders.  Maybe I should take a float tube or an inflatable boat, the list starts to get longer. Oh, and bicycles, there are lots of good biking trails, for example the Bear Creek Trail that goes miles and miles. So that means bicycles, helmets, shorts, tire pump, tools and on and on. It is a dilemma, I’m going to busy for several days.  


  1. Oh, what a problem to have. My sympathy indeed.

  2. Wish my dilemmas were like that! Ha!

  3. Well- You could always make a trip back home to get more stuff it you really had to! Have a great time!!