Monday, January 24, 2011

A Typical Day

Ken Ash took this photo of Jeanette and me last Friday, and it sort of represents a typical day for us here in our volunteer positions at Buckskin Mountain State Park.  On this day I am off to lead a Nature Hike on some of the trails in the park, talking about various trees, shrubs, and cacti found along the trail.  I also will talk a little about the history and geology here on the lower Colorado River.  Jeanette is working in the Registration Office at the front gate and will be doing her best to keep campers happy by providing them with the perfect camping  site, while answering the phone, handling reservations, collecting fees, and at the same time serving as a one person chamber of commerce.   


  1. this is a keeper! both your personalities come through and it's so great to see you enjoying yourselves. love you!

  2. The photo gave me smile..and it made me think you two are as I thought you would be...It is great to get confirmation from Cheezilla's comment!