Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking for the Bright Spot

I have always felt that it’s important to make sure I get in some exercise every day. Most days now it includes taking our dog Buster for a walk. It’s important for him too, he seems easier to live with if he gets daily exercise, and he sleeps better. It definitely gets to be more of a challenge in the wintertime with the predominance of cold foggy wet rainy days. But, I’ve noticed if I am vigilant, that even on rainy days there is usually a break in the weather, a bright spot, and the sun comes out even though briefly. Today was such a day, solid rain all morning, but about noon the sun came out and dried up the streets and walkways, and so I took Buster out for our walk. It’s important for my sanity to keep looking for that bright spot, its usually there if I keep an eye out. Seems like that’s probably true with the rest of my life as well.


  1. Completely agree. I heard today that most people who blog focus on the negative, and I find that true! It is good to end on the positive!

  2. Awesome. Some of my best walks have been in the breaks between raindrops, or even in the rain at Silver Falls.