Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Miller Woods

Notice this handsome American Kestrel with his catch of a rodent.  This was the first bird we saw yesterday when we arrived for our first visit to Miller Woods.  Friends Roger and Sarah DuVal suggested this location after they had visited it a few weeks ago. We had put it on our "do do" list, and with a free afternoon yesterday, decided to seek it out.  It is located east of McMinnvile, but don't ask me for directions, as it's complicated. But Google can get you there. 

We took the short loop around the pond, and the next bird we saw was this female Bufflehead, which was busy diving for food. 
The birds were kind of scarce, but we were here in the quiet time of afternoon. Perhaps this is high enough elevation that song birds have sought out lower elevations for winter. Maybe come spring time we will make another trip. You can see our complete list here.  

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