Monday, August 3, 2020

Focus on Nesmith Park

This pandemic is driving me crazy, and it's hard to figure out a place to flee, the beach makes sense temperature wise, but too many people seem to think the same. I think I might have the ticket to my sanity here at Nesmith Park. It's a Polk County park located along Rickreall Creek next to the Polk County Fairgrounds, less than 5 miles from where we live in the Dallas Retirement Village.  In these hot days of summer, it's shady trails are a real oasis. So here is what happened today, and I think it might become a routine.  While Jeanette played pickle ball, I went out to Nesmith to cut ivy.  I completely circle the trunk of a tree, making sure to cut every strand of ivy, blocking the life flow to the ivy, which dies and saves the tree from eventual death. As you can see in the photo I will not be running out of work. After a good work-out I returned to our apartment, we took showers, packed a picnic lunch and came back to Nesmith with Buster to roam the shaded trails and count birds. One other couple were off in a corner picking blackberries, and another person came through with a dog.  In other words, we practically had the park to ourselves, no fear of crowds here.

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