Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Delight In New Birding Spots

One of the things I enjoy the most is finding new locations to look for birds.  This was our quest yesterday when we went to look for Bonesteele Park, a Marion County Park located along the Aumsville Highway between Salem and Aumsville.  Although I have lived in Salem for fifty years, I had never been there. A little research on line, and with maps pin-pointed the location and we were off yesterday morning to find it.  A gravel parking lot with restrooms is located next to the highway. Large areas of grass fields and a wooded area make up this park.  It was a glorious spring like morning, and the portion of the park that is woods was filled with birds.  You can see our bird list here.  I was so impressed with this park for birding that I suggested to eBird that it be designated a eBird Hotspot.  Upon leaving we struck up a conversation with Steve Narrow the park maintenance person and he told us about the huge old Douglas Fir tree that is some 300 years old.  This is definitely a place we will return, and with it's Hotspot designation others will find it also.

woodsy path

Mourning Dove

Hairy Woodpecker female

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