Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bird House ???

We left our over-night spot at Walmart yesterday morning at 8:00, pointing our van north up Hyway 101 towards home.  By the time we were close to William Tugman State Park, Buster's travel anxiety was in high volume, so we pulled in to the Day Use Area.  His medicine which we could not find before leaving Walmart was discovered in the refrigerator and administered, followed by a short bird walk.  It was during this walk that I noticed two bird house as in the photo above, located at the fish trap at the outlet of Eel Lake.  My first thought at a distance was someone had plugged the entrance of the bird houses with a can.  Once I had zoomed in with the camera I realize that they were actually surveillance cameras placed in a "bird house" look-a-like. I'm not sure if their purpose is to watch for spawning fish, or fish poachers. Here is our short bird list.

We pressed on with our route home, turning at Florence to drive west on Highway 126. Above Mapleton the road took on the look of winter as in the photo below.  The snow continued to deepen, and by the time we reached Veneta, where we planned to stop for lunch, the snow was so deep that only plowed out areas in the parking lots could be used.  After lunch we continue north on Territorial Road where snow plows and electric repair trucks we out in mass all the way to Monroe.  The snow depth decreased as we continued north, to the point of bare ground by the time we reached home in Salemtowne. A great relief to arrive home safe, and grateful for our lithium batteries that provide all the electricity we needed to run the furnace, power the lights, and run the micro-wave.

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