Wednesday, March 8, 2017

RV Traveling Tips

Since last posting we have driven from the far southern border of Arizona, across the Colorado River, and the Mojave Desert, and up into Central California.  On long days of driving I often reflect on the marvels of traveling in this high tech age, and how much we depend on our iPhones.  In many ways, a smart phone may be your most valuable piece of traveling equipment.  It is an indispensable aid for us and here is why.

WEATHER:  We check the weather on our phone daily, as well as the weather in several locations. The above photo, taken at Davis Camp on the Colorado River, illustrates its value.  Traveling from the Phoenix area out towards the Mojave Desert, I was clued in to high winds with gusts over 50mph.  That is not the conditions I want to be driving in an RV.  So, we settled into the protection of a camping site at Davis Camp for another day, and then continued on with normal driving conditions.

NAVIGATION:  On this trip we have relied on our iPhone almost exclusively to plan our driving route. I has been indispensable in figuring mileage and guiding us though unknown locations. And of course we use it to find locations for fuel, groceries and miscellaneous shopping needs.

BREAKS:  We have found taking breaks during the day along our route is paramount to our sanity.  And here is where we use our iPhone to access eBird and locate birding Hot Spots to stop, get in a walk, count some birds, take some photos, and bring down our level of stress from driving. During the past two days we have made stops in cities along our route in Baker, Tehachapi and Delano with city parks that were unknown to us in spite of have traveled this route many times over the years.

OVERNIGHT STOPS: Jeanette found an app that has proven to be one of our most valued tools on this trip,  It shows us immediately where we are and all the nearby locations for free overnight parking.  And we can look ahead at any area and plan accordingly. Although we blend in stops at campgrounds with hook-ups, being self contained, we often just need a place to park for the night.

STAYING CONNECTED:  Using our iPhones allows us the luxury of travel to new and unexplored areas seeking good weather, and still be connected to family and friends although many miles away.

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