Saturday, January 28, 2017

A New Life Bird

Sage Sparrow

Birders make lists.  Like most birders Jeanette and I make a list or lists of the birds we see each day. But birders, and us included, also make a special list, a list of the total species one identifies in their life time, its called a Life List.  As the years go by the list continues to grow as you identify new birds, but it also typically slows down because it gets harder and harder to find a new species that you have never seen before.  Two days ago we got to add a new bird to our Life Lists, a Sage Sparrow. When we left Davis Camp for Lake Havasu on Thursday the 26th we were intending to stop and bird at Five Mile Landing in the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge.  As we were we driving along the East side of the refuge we noticed some cottonwood trees and water at the Pintail Slough section of the refuge and stopped to investigate.  What followed was a great morning of birding as we searched out and identified a good number of species. These little Sage Sparrows were the hardest to get a good look at, and it was only after I had successfully gotten a photo that we realized we had something different.  After we were back to the RV, and I had downloaded the photos into the laptop, and searched some birding guides I came up with the identification of a Sage Sparrow.  You can see it's page in the Critters section of Cascade Ramblings here

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