Monday, September 12, 2016

Broken Arrow Campground

Jeanette put together a fall RV loop up thru the Cascades with friends Michael & Melisa Garguilo.  On Saturday we drove down to Elkton to Michael & Melisa's place for our first night's stay. Sunday morning we drove up the scenic North Umpqua River to Diamond Lake to stay at the Broken Arrow National Forest Campground on the south end of the lake. The campground was almost empty so we had lots of sites to choose from. We choose to stay in this double site B-7, and in the process of paying the $10 Senior Pass rate, we discovered this was the last night of the season for this campground! Boy did we luck out.

campsite B-7

After getting setup and having lunch we took off for an afternoon hike.  Leaving the campground we took a trail that connects to the John Dellenback Trail, a paved trail that completly circles Diamond Lake, which we took to the junction with the  Teal & Horse Lakes Loop Trail.
Michael, Jeanette & Melissa

While hiking on the John Dellenback Trail we met and were passed by several bicyclist, among them much to our suprise were our friends Jeff & Joan Smith from Elkton who were cicling the lake on their tandem!
Joan, Jeanette, Jeff, Melissa, Michael

We visited both Teal and Horse Lakes, enjoying the great scenery and identifying a number of birds, among which were two Green Teals.
Teal Lake with Mt Bailey in the background

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  1. You are wandering around on our stomping grounds! We love that high Cascades high country. Hope you got to see some red squirrels hard at work.