Monday, April 4, 2016

Backyard Birding Bonaza

This is a great time of year for watching birds; some wintering birds are still hanging around, and some of the summer arrivals are just getting here, which makes for a short period of time where there is a greater variety of species to be seen.  This was very evident in our back yard this morning.  In less than an hour we had 20 different species, many of which were pairing up for the season.  You can see our list here. The most surprising and unexpected bird was this colorful male Western Bluebird.  We have been cautioned by experts not to put up nesting boxes with entrance holes large enough for Western Bluebirds, because we live in an urban area, and the larger hole will allow the unwanted House Sparrows to nest.  I have dutifully made sure that all of our nesting boxes have smaller entrances.  What should show up this morning but this male Western Blue Bird trying to get into both of the nesting boxes in the back yard! He then settled for a visit to the sunflower feeder. We had all this birding activity in the comfort of our home this morning without having to brave the cold and rain outside.

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