Friday, February 5, 2016

Birding at Dusk

It's a well know fact that the most productive hours of the day to bird are the morning hours.  We have proven this to ourselves over the years many times.  The second most productive time of day is reported to be the hours just before or at dusk.  This is something we really don't have much experience with, but today we got to test it out.  After a busy day we realized we had not got out for our Buster & Bird walk.  We were just approaching Cottage Grove in our motor home in late afternoon and a walk in the Row River Nature Park sounded like a perfect idea. 

One thing we discovered is that white birds show up pretty good in the low light of dusk.  Above in a Great Egret. Below is a pair of Buffleheads. We were able to identify 20 different species in the hour we spent here at dusk.

We are camped for the night a few blocks away from the park at Walmart.  This particular Walmart is a great place to stay.  They ask that you register with them, taking your name, phone number, vehicle type, license number, and departure date.  In exchange you get a free place to park for the night.  


  1. Nice dusk photos! Happy travels!

  2. I think dusk is my favorite time of day, even more so than dawn. It's a little mellower and often the birds have something to say before settling in for the night.