Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily Schedule

Jeanette is shown here during our birding trip to Fairview Wetlands this morning.  We sort of have an unwritten commitment to make sure that our daily schedule includes some exercise and fresh air.  Jeanette calls it her “fresh air therapy”.  A few years ago while visiting my mom when she was still able to talk a little, I was telling her how we always take Buster for a walk everyday because its good for him.  To our surprise she spoke up an said, “Its good for you and Jeanette too”.  She was right, it is good for us, and although we have both incorporated daily exercise into our schedule for years, even before we met, it seems even more critical to our physical and mental well being now as we age. Winter hours, and weather constrict our options this time of year, but this is where the commitment comes into place, and we make sure it is still part of our daily schedule.

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