Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Curiosity Wins Over Caution

Yesterday morning I took a short walk on the trails at the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve. The woods had the feeling of fall, the air was damp and the forest quiet. Then the silence was punctuated with a beautiful bird song.  I tried to locate the songstress, moving closer step by step, thinking it might be a Bewick’s Wren, but it was flushed before I could get a close look. After a second attempt to locate the bird I traveled on, but stopped when I considered using my iPod to play a Bewick’s song.  I retraced my steps and clicked on the song, and almost immediately the cautious bird was overcome with curiosity and popped out to take a look at the source of this sound, indeed my bird was a Bewick’s Wren.    

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