Sunday, July 27, 2014

Memorable Marion Lake Hike

Eleven other hikers, for a perfect dozen, joined me for a hike into Marion Lake yesterday. Nearby forest fires on Bingham Ridge and Lizard Ridge had threatened closer for the past two weeks, but the Marion Lake Trail remained open. In fact we had a perfect day of warm sunshine, clear skies, and very few mosquitos. This was a very memorable hike for me as I recalled my first hike to Marion Lake with my parents and sisters sixty eight years ago at age six.  The above photo was our view from our lunch stop yesterday, looking across Marion Lake to Three Fingered Jack in the distance. Lots of changes have occurred over the years, gone are the boats and boat house and Marion Lake Guard Station, but the view across the lake to Three Fingered Jack is ever there. Below is the photo of our group assembled at the trailhead.   

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  1. Jim, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your vast knowledge and experience and your enthusiasm to share with others. And, nice hike! Thanks.