Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Solitary Sandpiper

This Solitary Sandpiper is the newest addition to the Critters of Cascade Ramblings. It is somewhat of a rare bird for the region and a first for me, so a new addition to my Life List.  I spotted it along Rickreall Creek last week when we were in Dallas.  At first sight with the naked eye I thought it was a Spotted Sandpiper, but when I looked closer with my binoculars I realized it was not, and began to think of Yellowlegs, maybe Greater Yellowlegs or Lesser Yellowlegs, but troubled about the size.  Because I was able to take several photos, and later down-load them to the computer, then take a closer look and search several birding guides I finally figured out that I had a Solidary Sandpiper.   

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