Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busksin Mountain State Park

This is a shaded picnic area in Buckskin Mountain State Park that I took when we arrived today. Readers of this blog could easily be getting confused with all the parks that we have been staying at, but this is the one to pay close attention to because this is the one we will be staying at for the next two months. This is a real oasis of a park right on the Colorado River, and although we have volunteered here in the past we were still struck with its beauty today. We spent some time walking around and reconnecting with hosts we have volunteered with in the past and that felt good too.  We are moved into our site and have been busy settling in.  We are in site 68 which is the same site where we stayed in 2009.




  1. Last year we stayed at Cattail Cove (which we enjoyed) but if we head thata way next month we'll shoot for Buckskin - Would be a kick to meet you all!

  2. Dear Anonymous---we would like to meet you too, I think!