Monday, September 3, 2012

The Santiam Pass

Today the desires of our heart ran head-first into reality and one of our hard and fast rules of RV camping. The rule is “we don’t camp where there isn’t cell service”.  We wanted to stop on our way home and camp on the Metolius River, a place that has many wonderful memories for us of hiking, fishing, backpacking and camping. But when we arrived at Camp Sherman mid-day today we discovered there was no cell service.  No cell service means no Internet, and the Internet is our connection with the rest of the world.  We depend on it not only for contact with family and friends, but almost all of our daily pleasure and work (cascaderamblings) is Internet based. So, we drove on, and here we are perched on the summit of the Santiam Pass at the Pacific Crest Trailhead. Cell service is great, and the price, zero dollars, seems just fine.  You may notice the ghost of a pine forest surrounding the parking lot.  In addition for us there are many “ghosts” of past backpacking trips into the Mt Jefferson Wilderness from this trailhead. Trips too numerous to mention, but ones that will surely come to mind as we spend the evening here.    

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