Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vallley of the Rogue State Park

We stuck with our plan for the day and drove to Valley of the Rogue State Park north of Medford, and will drive on to Elkton tomorrow.  We like to keep our driving day around 200 miles or less, this lessens the fatigue and gives us the time for sightseeing, shopping, walking or birding. After getting set up here in the park this afternoon we took a little walk mainly to get some exercise. There had been some light rain and I wasn’t planning on doing any birding, but then this Bald Eagle appeared and forced me to pay a little more attention.  It made several circles above us at a low elevation, and we weren’t certain if it had its eye on Buster.  When it landed in a tree across the river from us right above four Common Mergansers I decided that was who it was checking on.  After some preening it took off up river presumably looking for something better.


  1. Spectacular eagle! I am so relieved he was not after Buster! Welcome home (almost). Glad to hear it was a good trip over the pass.