Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Neighbors

This nestting pair of Tree Swallows is our closest neighbor.  In fact, I think we have 5 nesting pairs of Tree Swallows using bird houses in our yard here at Denman Wildlife Area. Tree Swallows usually nest close to water, so being at Whetstone Pond is perfect for us and them.  Watching the swallows swoop over the pond in search of insects is enjoyable, and now as they build nests and begin raising their broods we will have a busy neighborhood.  


  1. You have a great vantage point for watching these busy birds!

  2. We have Violet Greens in one of our nest boxes....they are parting my hair with their warning dives as I work in the backyard!

  3. Nice Pair !!! perfect posting foe birds .