Friday, September 24, 2010

Missing Songbirds

Fall seems a little quiet now.  The songbirds of summer have left our area to head south for the winter.  I did manage to see and photograph this lone female Lesser Goldfinch on a hike we did today on Schad Road, but gone are the numerous variety of finches, sparrows, and swallows we would normally see and hear on a daily basis.  I have been missing their sweet songs for several days now. The days seem conspicuously quite to me. I don’t remember missing them in years past. Perhaps it comes with age, this sensitivity to the absent.   My guess is that some of the subtle changes of seasons may go unnoticed in the rush of life for the vibrantly young.  


  1. I took an evening walk to look for beavers and I was amazed at the bird activity on the ponds next to the Willamette River. The Cedar Waxwings were busy clearing out all the berries, the Song Sparrows were singing up a storm, the Wood Ducks were whistling to each other... The waterfowl are back like the Green-winged Teals, Gadwalls and American Wigeons.

  2. Thanks for your very observant contribution. Although posted anonymously, I’m guessing you live some place between Eugene and Portland.

  3. Jim, we had a HUGE flock of barn swallows swooping the field behind our house earlier this week, really quite amazing....gearing up for the flight south.