Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday Jeanette and I put in a 12-hour day bottling wine at River's Edge Winery here in Elkton. Jeanette is shown here with Natalie another worker packing the bottled wine into cases. It all takes place in a mobile assembly line that is brought to the winery in a big trailer. I helped feed the empty bottles into the bottling machines where the wine is put into bottles, corked, capped, and labeled, then sent down the line to be cased and packed off on pallets. Besides bottling wine from the vineyards of Rivers Edge we also bottled wine for Anindor Vineyards and Bradley Vineyards. It’s quite an interesting procedure that we participate in each spring and fall. Yesterday was a long one and a lot of work, but a nice diversion from our rainy weather.

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