Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sycamore Campground

We put in another 9-hour driving day in our effort to get over the Siskiyous before the impending storm. Driving all day in warm California sunshine makes it hard to believe the weather is going to change so much. We stopped for the day in Red Bluff to stay here in Sycamore Campground. It’s the same campground we enjoyed so much on our way south in November. We wish we could just layover here for several days, but tomorrow looks to be the last best chance to get over the Siskiyous with out snow.


  1. dude you need to relax. Maybe snow Monday evening (low of 36 degrees) in the Syskious
    check NOA

  2. Who is anonymous? Well here is a clue: "Who is your favorite brother?"

  3. OK Bro, that was one of my guesses. Take another look at the forecast now. Keep in mind that the original plan was to come over the mountains on Tuesday. We're glad were safely on this side. Spent the night in Roseburg to rest up before going on to Elkton this morning.

  4. Sorry,
    I had to mess with you. Let see at 2:53 pm 44.4 degrees at Syskiyou Summit.

    Anonymous aka Mark Allen Scott

  5. OK, fast forward to tomorrow, the day we were originally going to come accross, and what do you see?